Comfort Zones

Great accomplishments and achievements do not come by chance. You must work hard, you must work smart… but whatever the task at hand may be… whether it’s an individual assignment / project, a course, or an entire degree… to achieve great results you must focus, you must commit, and you must ultimately get out of your comfort zone.

Staying the course and staying on track can be difficult with all of life’s distractions, specifically for adult learners. Finding your “why” and remembering your “why”… can help you stay focused on completing your next task, and ultimately getting to the finish line- graduation! Often times, when students become distracted their focus is distorted and they forget their “why” or motivation for earning their degree in the first place.  It is when they refocus and revert back to the compelling reason that brought them on this journey, to the point of thinking about how their lives will not change if they do not finish their degree…that they will re-commit and consider doing things differently to achieve their desired results.

Comfort Zones are just that, comfortable. It has been said that “Great things never came from comfort zones”.  When people are comfortable and content, they usually do not move out of that position or expand their capabilities. However, when people are out of options, pushed to their limits, and become totally lost in their future plans, often- there is no other choice, but to make a drastic change and try something new and out of the norm.  For many adult learners, going back to school and while balancing their life and career is something totally outside of their comfort zone.  Carving out personal time, in general for many working parents, can be a challenge in itself… but making changes and improving ones quality of life through higher education is worth the intermediate discomfort.  Leaving your comfort zone allows you to look beyond what you think you are capable of and allows you to see how you can do more than you imagined.  When you take the risk and leave your comfort zone and just go “all- in” to reach your goals… you will totally succeed! The only thing that is limiting your success, is you!

Philippians 4:13  says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

So, just remember… You can do this! You can finish your degree! Remember your “why” and be ready to get outside your comfort zone. God has given you the will to be successful and with the finish line, just on the horizon, just keep going until you finish!