Are You Missing an Advantage?

If there is something out there that will give me an advantage, I want to know about it. There are a LOT of different sites trying to sell you something, all with the promise of doing just that: giving you an advantage. Many of those are questionable in what they provide. Buyer beware!

However, I have personally found that LinkedIn DOES provide value, and what is even better, it is entirely free. Setting up an account on Linked it and completing the profile, an important step, has several benefits.

For those who aren’t aware, LinkedIn is a professional social media site. While there are similarities to other social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn focuses specifically on providing a place for professional interaction.  I believe being on LinkedIn demonstrates some level of savvy regarding the use of technology and awareness of the impact of social media in our world.  I know when I think about hiring someone, their profile on LinkedIn is one of the places I look at first. If they don’t have a presence, I wonder why.

Some of the benefits of being on LinkedIn include:

  • Having your resume available for easy search by a large number of employees
  • An easy way to distribute your resume by sending a link
  • Providing an outlet where you can demonstrate knowledge in your field
  • Giving you access to other professionals and their posts

My uncle Otis was convinced that when TV came out it was a combination of evil and a passing fad.  While the content of TV may be evil, it may also be inspirational, and it certainly doesn’t seem to be a passing fad.  I firmly believe that technology is only as moral and those who use it. To ignore technology, in this case social media, means to leave it in the hands of those who will abuse it.  As you can see from the chart below, most of the students in Belhaven’s Adult Programs either don’t have or don’t use their LinkedIn account.  I’d like you to re-think that decision.  If you do, please reach out to include me in your network.

Dr. Upchurch,
AVP Regional Campuses
Belhaven University