Are you Shouting?

There is a place for shouting and raised voices, for instance, Boot Camp, or perhaps the athletic training field.  One place where shouting isn’t acceptable is the office.  If you, as the leader, are shouting at your people, then it probably isn’t the employee that has the problem– it’s you. You need to get control of your emotions and demonstrate some discipline. “But,” you say, “I’m just passionate or that’s just the way I am, and everybody knows it.”

For more on this check out the short video below:

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Married in 1976, with three grown children. Have served as Pastor in the Church of the Nazarene for 18 years and still hold ordination credentials in the Church of the Nazarene. Led and taught in Adult Degree Completion programs in Christian Higher Education since 1998. Published four books available on Amazon: Discipleship with James, Guidebook for Curriculum Development and Assessment, Spiritual Warfare, and The Principles of Life.

2 thoughts on “Are you Shouting?

  1. As I have been attending class and reading the material for school, I am learning a lot about myself and the environment I have been working in prior to coming to Belhaven University. The leadership at my place of employment has been nothing more than destructively competitive, and unfortunately, some of this has been what I have picked up. Are there any suggestions for overcoming past shouting matches, insults, and belittlement?

    • Lindsay, Thanks for posting – sorry it has taken me so long to respond. What you are asking is important, but not easy to answer. I have found some very useful information addressing that in Andy Stanley Leadership Podcasts Look through the topics there and I think you will find something that will help. Remember, this is NOT a quick fix so hang tight.

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