How to Treat Each Other

First Timothy 5:1-2 states: “Do not rebuke an older man harshly, but exhort him as if he were you father. Treat younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity.” This passage resonates with the ramifications of “being created in the image of God.” We all hold this in common, regardless of race or creed. Treating any person in a way that demeans or disrespects them, damages our own personhood.

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Family Can Drive You Crazy

This seems to be a universal truth! Family members will irritate, annoy, and just generally rub you the wrong way – sometimes. Parents will nag, siblings will snipe, children will whine, all of it with some seemingly grand conspiracy to drive you crazy. For me that is a relatively short drive anyway. It isn’t just you or your family, it happens to all of us. But, and here is the important thing to keep in mind, at other times they support you, defend you, and encourage you.

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Triangles, in terms of relationships, has to do with the distribution of power and manipulation. If you are in conflict with someone, the best resolution comes when you deal with that person, and work out the problem directly. A triangle happens when you go to someone else within the same network and present your case in order to get them on your side and get their help in influencing a decision in your favor.

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In the Bible book of Proverbs, Solomon writes “Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding.” (3:13) The book of Proverbs is Solomon’s manual on wisdom. According to Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, the foundation of wisdom is clearly identified: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (1:7a). For “fear” in this context read “awe.” Until we realize how awesome God is, and who we are in comparison true wisdom will be an illusion.

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Default Mode

By Default Mode, I mean how you are basically programmed to react or behave. Personality is part of this but, this programming also is affected by a combination of your DNA and how you were raised, including the influences upon you as you were growing up. The BIG question is: “Do you know your Default Mode of response?” and “Are you satisfied with it?” Most people never give any thought to this and are trapped by their programing in self-defeating patterns of behavior.

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Self-pity is a normal emotional response whenever you feel like you are a victim. That can happen for any number of reasons, many, if not most, of them, seem justified. This is important: Self Pity has the effect of lowering your defenses to temptation, making it easier for you to rationalize behavior that you would normally avoid. You will always be faced with temptation, but under normal circumstances, you are probably able to resist. However . . .

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Research Reveals 3 Reasons Why Gratitude Is An Important Leadership Quality -repost

by Naz Beheshti (repost of an article found HERE)

We tend to think expressing gratitude is appropriate at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but not necessarily in the workplace. This notion may explain why, according to one survey, Americans are less likely to express gratitude at work than anywhere else. Such an attitude, however, ignores several research-backed reasons why gratitude can make leaders more effective and improve workplace culture and productivity.



Sabotage is setting into place forces, usually concealed, which lead to destruction. Self-sabotage is the setting into place forces, which lead to my own failure. Self-sabotage is almost always unconscious. It occurs when I behave in a way that undermines, or totally blocks, my ability to reach my goals.

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The 10 most in-demand soft skills to master if you want a raise, promotion or new job in 2020 – repost

From a post on CNBC by the same title.

If you want to get ahead in your career in 2020, adopting a growth mindset should be at the top of your priority list.

According to Udemy’s 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report, a having a growth mindset — or the ability to continue learning in order to adapt to change — was ranked as the most important soft skill for career success.

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Gossip is the weapon of an assassin targeting relationships. Gossip is the elevation of ME ahead of WE. Gossip is the destroyer of that which God values most: relationships. Those who gossip deal in a narcotic that, in the short term, make themselves feel better, but in the long term destroys their own peace and joy.

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