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LEADING THE WAY: Dr. Verne and Martie Kennedy and Dr. Newton and Becky Wilson are ready to launch the 100 campaign!

LEADING THE WAY: Dr. Verne and Martie Kennedy and Dr. Newton and Becky Wilson are ready to launch the 100 campaign!

Leg-a-cy (leg’ e-se) n. pl.

1. A bequest 2. Something handed down from an ancestor
or predecessor, or from the past.

Belhaven College graduates have long been known for the impact they have made throughout the world to glorify Christ in their varied vocations and ministries. In an effort to preserve and expand Belhaven’s mission, we are excited to announce the 100 Legacies for Belhaven Campaign. Put simply, we want to identify at least 100 friends to help establish a lasting legacy for future generations through the creation of 100 planned gifts that name Belhaven as beneficiary.

The “100 Campaign” seeks to create awareness of the benefits for not only creating a will, but also developing a comprehensive estate plan that will allow donors to expand the mission of Belhaven while providing for their family and loved ones. With numerous tax advantages, creating a planned gift can truly be a “win-win” for everyone.

As indicated in the arch above the logo, through initial efforts, the 100 Campaign has already identified 31 friends who have named Belhaven College as a beneficiary of their estate plans. Over the course of the campaign, watch the number of planned gifts grow as the arch above the 100 fills with green!

The Time has Come

Over the 127 years of Belhaven’s existence, the College has been blessed by many alumni and friends who have made regular and annual gifts to sustain Belhaven’s Christ-driven mission—these gifts are essential! The 100 Campaign encourages our friends to consider a strategically developed planned gift that will leave a lasting legacy for the College. Through wise estate planning, individuals can often leave a gift to the College that is 10-20 times greater than what they might be able to give on an annual basis.

In establishing the 100 Legacies for Belhaven Campaign, we have identified a campaign leadership team of individuals from a broad range of classes and college relationships that will serve as ambassadors for our efforts over the next several months. Through future issues of the Tartan and specific mailings, you will hear their compelling stories of support for Belhaven College. Former Presidents and first ladies Dr. Verne and Martie Kennedy and Dr. Newton and Becky Wilson have agreed to serve as co-chairs for this important effort.

Planned giving is simple and impactful

“People often think that making a planned gift is an extremely complicated process,” notes Vice President for Institutional Advancement Kevin Russell. “That’s just not true! No matter your age or stage in life, it is extremely easy to make a significantly larger gift to Belhaven through any one of several planned giving options.” Quite simply, a planned gift is any written document that names Belhaven as a future beneficiary of a portion of one’s assets. Planned gifts include but are not limited to:

Wills – Consider adding, “I give, devise, and bequest to Belhaven College (insert percent, amount, or nature of gift).” By using this simple phrase you can make a lasting gift to Belhaven College.

Life insurance – A policy that you no longer need or a new policy that names the College can be low cost to you but a significant way to give to Belhaven College.

Property – Giving your home or other real estate is an attractive way to support the College and gives you tax benefits—you can even live in your home the rest of your life.

Annuities – Increase your spendable income and take a charitable deduction by providing the College cash or stocks to be managed for you.

Retirement plans – You might find that after providing for your personal needs you can make a gift to the College through your IRAs, 401 (k)s, Keoghs, and other plans.

Remainder of Lead Trusts – Trusts are excellent ways to support the college while fulfilling your personal needs—the corpus from the Remainder Trust stays with the College, while the Lead Trust allows it to return to you after a time.

Former Belhaven College Presidents, Alumni, and Friends volunteer to chair the 100 Campaign

When Belhaven College decided to launch a concentrated effort to significantly increase the number of documented planned gifts through the 100 Legacies for Belhaven Campaign, we wanted to select chairpersons who have an abiding love for the College and understand the full impact that a coordinated planned giving effort can make. Former Presidents Dr. Verne Kennedy and Dr. Newton Wilson, along with their wives Martie and Becky, know first-hand the tremendous difference that legacy gifts can make. “During both our Presidencies, Belhaven benefited greatly from the foresight of donors who made planned gifts that named Belhaven College as a beneficiary of their estates when they passed on to glory,” noted Dr. Wilson.

“The Wilsons and Kennedys are extremely excited to serve as leadership co-chairs for this important effort,” exclaimed Dr. Verne Kennedy, “It was important to both of us to participate in this significant effort, and we are thrilled to help the College encourage others to do the same. In my own tenure as President, I saw the Lord use planned gifts to provide for the College at critical times of need.”

The 100 Legacies for Belhaven Campaign has assembled a broad group of alumni and donors to serve as the outward leaders of this important effort. Graduates spanning over 50 years have agreed to participate in the campaign. The leadership team is composed of alumni and friends who understand the value of preparing the way for future Christian leaders.

Twenty-nine year old alumnus Joel Bomgar and his wife Rachel were delighted to name Belhaven as a beneficiary through Joel’s life insurance policy: “Belhaven College was an integral part in my spiritual and professional development. The lessons I learned at Belhaven still thrive today in the corporate values of the company that I researched, developed, and launched. No matter one’s age, it is never too early to make plans to provide for your loved ones and the institutions you care about.”

“The 100 Campaign is already off to a wonderful start,” says co-chair Newt Wilson, “and we’d love to see this effort achieve its goal as soon as possible—first through those who have already included Belhaven in their planned gifts but have never told the College and secondly by those who still need to develop an estate plan. Either way, it will be exciting to watch the giving arch grow as we strive
for 100 legacies!”

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