Accelerated Degree Programs Added in Chattanooga and Atlanta


A year ago Covenant College, a sister Presbyterian school, announced they were closing their accelerated adult studies program called Quest, offered in Chattanooga and Atlanta, in order to focus on their traditional residential students on their beautiful Lookout Mountain, TN campus.

Just weeks before that close, a remarkable turn of events that brought together the presidents of Covenant and Belhaven, and it became clear that building on the strengths of both schools, they could work together to continue the academic programs in “Chatlanta” – Chattanooga and Atlanta.

In a gracious spirit of building God’s work, rather than narrowly focusing on institutional issues, Covenant graciously transferred the program, and their 200 students, to Belhaven University, who has a strong record of success in running distant campuses, with current offerings in Memphis, Orlando, and Houston.

Quest currently offers a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and anticipates adding several more degree programs (both undergraduate and graduate) in the future.

“Quest’s Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management has been the premier degree completion program in southeast Tennessee and north Georgia for over 25 years,” said Ed Pickel, Director of Admission for Quest. “We are thrilled to become part of the Belhaven family and are looking forward to serving our communities with additional degree programs.”

Dr. Parrott, President of Belhaven University, added, “I’ve never heard of such a Kingdom building transaction as what has happened with Quest. I am overwhelmed at the vision of Covenant’s president, Dr. Niel Nielson, because this transition represents the highest ideals of God’s way to do things. I appreciate the generous spirit and big picture outlook that made it possible. It is remarkable that we have made this transition without any cash exchanging hands and without any points of tension. In God’s timing, this change worked out best for both institutions.”

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