About the Tartan

The Belhaven Tartan is published by Belhaven College 1500 Peachtree Street, Box 158, Jackson, Mississippi, 39202 for distribution to alumni, parents of students, and friends of the college. To submit alumni updates, address corrections, and other news or mail to the above address care of the Belhaven Tartan.

One thought on “About the Tartan

  1. Wondering why I did not receive the last issue of the Tartan! Class- mates received their copies over 2 weeks ago. I am very eager to get this and have been watching for it daily. Especially interested in the article about Ms. Harmon.

    This problem is not new for me. In times past things arrive in GA. too late to make reservations or NOT AT ALL!

    Please help!
    Rebecca G Massey (class of 1952 and a supporter of Belhaven)

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