Belhaven Faculty Recognized at Honors Convocation

Congratulations to the following faculty who received promotions and tenure recognition at the Honors Convocation.

Dr. Scott White

Dr. Scott White • Granted Tenure

Rose Mary Foncree

Ms. Rose Mary Foncree to Associate Professor of English

Mr. Joseph Frost to Associate Professor of Theatre and Chair of Theatre Department • Granted Tenure

Dr. Kristena Gaylor

Dr. Kristena Gaylor to Associate Professor of Business • Granted Tenure

Dr. Sara Kimmel

Dr. Sara Kimmel to Associate Professor of Business Administration

Laura Morton

Ms. Laura Morton to Associate Professor of Dance • Granted Tenure

Dr. Dorothy Stokes

Dr. Dorothy Stokes to Professor of Teacher Education and Chair of  Undergraduate Teacher Education • Granted Tenure

Dr. Rob Waltzer

Dr. Rob Waltzer to Professor of Biology

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