The Heritage Society: Creating a Legacy for the Future

We all want to make a difference in the world and in the Kingdom of God. It has been said: “Don’t just leave an inheritance—create a heritage.” Let us tell you about an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact for the cause of Christ by investing in the ministry of Belhaven College…through the Belhaven College Heritage Society.

People call them “The Golden Years”— the time when you have finished raising your family, rounded out your career and are ready to live life at a more leisurely pace. As you plan for the future, we invite you to consider how you can leave a legacy for generations to come by becoming a member of Belhaven College’s Heritage Society.

The Heritage Society is made up of donors who choose to provide resources for the College by giving in forms other than cash. These instruments are typically called “planned gifts.” Planned gifts allow flexibility and tax advantages to the donor while also providing for the current and future needs of Belhaven College.

So how can you make a planned gift that would recognize you as a member of the Heritage Society? Here are a few simple ways:

  • Annuities: You can increase your spendable income, receive a charitable deduction, and provide for future scholarships. This is a very attractive investment in today’s economy.
  • Wills: Simply insert into your will the statement, “I give, devise, and bequest to Belhaven College (percent, amount or nature of gift).”
  • Life Insurance: A life insurance policy that names Belhaven as a beneficiary can offer a convenient way to fund a meaningful gift to the College.
  • Property: Giving of your home or other real estate has become increasingly attractive.
  • Retirement Plans: You may find that after providing for your loved ones you can make a gift from “what is left” in your retirement accounts.
  • Remainder Trust: Generating income through a Remainder Trust can be accomplished, and then upon your death, the remaining assets come to the College.
  • Lead Trust: You give an amount of money to Belhaven to manage, from which the College will receive the earnings for a designated time. When the terms are complete, the trust goes back to you or other heirs that you name.

Any of the above actions are simple to put into place. The Belhaven College Development Team is ready to receive your call or inquiry. We can assist you with a Planned Gift that perfectly meets your needs and also fulfills your charitable intent for Belhaven. Call us today at 601-968-8738 or email us at

A growing number of alumni and friends are already members of the Heritage Society. We invite you to add to your legacy by becoming a member, too. Please call us.

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