Belhaven Theatre performs innovative Ecclesiastes and timeless Much Ado About Nothing

From September 16-20, 2008, the Belhaven College theatre department presented its innovative season opener, Ecclesiastes, directed by Theatre Chair Joseph Frost. This piece was created with collaboration between actors and musicians to express, visually and musically, the central themes of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes. The text was a biblical translation by Dr. Dan Fredericks, Senior Vice President and Provost of Belhaven College.

The cast included Erin Brownfield, Kerri Courtney, Scott Gaines, Becki Haynes, Marla Hershberger, Brandon Holman, Christopher Loecher, and Moriah Whiteman. Collaborating musicians included Joel Delatte, Daniel Johnston, Joanna Kenyon, and Dr. Andy Sauerwein, Assistant Professor of Music and Composer-In-Residence.

“Curiosity,” is what Brandon Holman hoped that the audience would take away from Ecclesiastes. “Hopefully it will make them wonder; make them want to research deeper into who God is and what He’s done.”

From October 23-November 1, 2008, the Belhaven Theatre department treated audiences to Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Dr. Louis Campbell, Professor of Theatre.

This Shakespeare favorite tells of the thorny path to true love between the fiery Beatrice and Benedick and the young lovers Claudio and Hero.  The plot hinges upon a false charge against innocent Hero, who is shamed before the wedding altar in the presence of many witnesses.

Dr. Louis Campbell believes that the reason this centuries-old play still strikes a chord with so many people is its close look at the timeless nature of love. He states, “The flippancy of many relationships today makes this work highly relevant, especially in light of [Benedick & Beatrice’s] serious moments in defense of Hero’s maligned fidelity of love.”

Belhaven’s production of Much Ado About Nothing featured David Harris as Benedick, Danielle Davis as Beatrice, Philip Wiseman as Claudio, and Marie Warner as Hero.

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