Dr. Lou Campbell Published

Dr. Lou Campbell, founding chair of the Belhaven Theatre Department, recently achieved a milestone that few experience in their lifetime: Edwin Mellen Press has published his work Mime in the Twentieth Century. Dr. Lou describes his work with these words, “This is a summary of my experiences with the art form and the personalities which the Lord has allowed me to share over the past 35 years.” Dr. Lou’s diverse experiences teaching the crafts of theatre have provided critical updates to his Ph.D. dissertation, on which the book is based.

Professor Jewel Walker of the University of Delaware writes, “When I thought of Lou, I knew he was the one, probably the only one, who had this living connection to the time and the vast majority of the players. He is the one perfect choice to write the history. I thank him.”

Former Belhaven College students are also featured in Mime in the Twentieth Century, with Jonathan Lowery and Libby Mille pictured on the cover of the book, as well as in the text. Mime in the Twentieth Century is available through Edwin Mellen Press at www.mellenpress.com.

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