Belhaven Connects with Kenyan University

tartan7 pictured: Eliud Michura and Randy Russ

Belhaven Connects with Kenyan University

This fall, Mr. Eliud Michura, Dean of Students at Kabarak University in Kenya, visited Belhaven’s campus to observe how Belhaven integrates faith and learning into student development. Even with Belhaven connections spanning the globe, it is still surprising to follow the path of Belhaven’s relationship with Kabarak University. The path began with an alumna who moved to Kenya, and it will likely culminate with Belhaven students studying and ministering in Kenya for a summer term in 2010. The pathway, from start to finish, looks like this:

Jane Lang’at ’98 and her husband Robert moved to Kenya, where Robert is the Provost at Kabarak University. Dr. Joe Martin, Chair of the Belhaven Biblical Studies dept., connected Jane and Robert with Dr. Randy Russ, a Belhaven Business professor who was already planning a trip to Africa, and who often gives seminars on faith integration in the classroom. Dr. Russ changed his summer plans (2008) to include a stop in Kenya, where he did a seminar for small business owners, one of whom was Mrs. Anne Michura. She told her husband, Eliud, about Dr. Russ’s seminar, and a friendship was born between these two men. When Dr. Russ returned to Kenya in Winter 2008, he then invited Mr. Michura to visit and observe how Belhaven trains students in faith integration.

Dr. Russ hopes that this relationship continues to such a degree that Belhaven students will be able to study in Kenya next summer, learning and practicing “Business as Ministry” with students from Kabarak University. The goal of this program is to help communities spiritually and economically.

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