Belhaven University Houston Receives National Mention

The Houston Campus made national headlines in by providing students resources to help them in their job hunt. One of those resources was a small book, 12.5 Ways to Get Ahead on LinkedIn (a social site for the professional network). This book was written by Doug Thorpe, Adjunct Professor of Management and Social Media Consultant at Belhaven. reports, “At the entry to the ‘Hope’ classroom on the satellite campus of Belhaven University in Houston, Susan Thorpe passes out a small book called 12.5 Ways to Get Ahead on LinkedIn. Up front, her husband, Doug Thorpe, who self-published the guide, has drawn a diagram on the whiteboard that looks like an elaborate football play. A series of circles labeled one, two, and three stretch out from a central bubble labeled you. A dozen job seekers take notes as Thorpe describes how to call upon first-level contacts — those former colleagues and friends you’ve befriended on the site — to reach second-level contacts. It’s a process as old as human relations: Hey, could you introduce me to your friend? Thorpe explains the etiquette and technique of doing it digitally. ‘Write a personal note when you ask someone to connect,’ he tells his students.”

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