Honors Winners & Faculty Tenure/Promotions

Honors Winners

Achievement in Accounting Award – Paul Hoffman
Senior Outstanding Accounting Major – Joseph Rossman
Freshman Art Major Award – Mikael Jury
Art Spirit Award – Megan Prosper
Research Club Scholarship Award – Kateri Tolo
Biblical Studies Award – Sydney Cunningham
Biology Service Award – Angela I. Meadows
Most Outstanding Biology Student Award – Jarrett R. Morgan
Achievement in Business Award – Paul Hoffman
James W. Park Academic Excellence Award – Joseph Rossman
Nehemiah Graduate Studies Award – Perry Gagliano
General Chemistry Award – James Presgraves
Communications Internship and Academic Excellence Award – Daniel “Hunt” Mitchell
Computer Science Award – Stefan J. Fernandez
Dance Daniel Award – Tiffany Schrepferman
Education Servant Leader Award – Carlie Edwards
Excellence in Education Award – Amy Pinkerton
Senior English Award – Doug Coker
Elizabeth Spencer Creative Writing Award – Sarah Swenson
History Award – Kimberly Athey
Mathematics Award – Kara Cotton
Music Excellence Award – Hannah Thomas
Kingdom Transformation Music Award – Rachel Reese
Psychology Award – Anna McNeese
Social Services Award – Jimesha Rule
Sports Medicine and Exercise Science Award – Riley Galloway
The Mark A. Belcher Memorial Award – Hannah West
Theater Priscilla Award – Rebekah Haynes
Theater Barnabas Award – Scott Gaines
International Student of the Year Award – Ji Zong (David) Liang

Recognition of ROTC Members – Daniel Bond, Ethan Rodgers, Keith Sikes
BLC Faculty Award – Dr. Donald Hubele
HEADWAE Honorees – Dr. Edwin McAllister (Faculty),
Joseph Rossman (Student)
Bess Caldwell Memorial Award – Andrew (Drew) Lamb
Trustees’ Award – Addie S. Leak
Guy T. Gillespie Memorial Award – Tiffany Schrepferman
Student Citizenship Award – Charles E. Coleman

Tenure & Promotions

Dr. Elayne H. Anthony
Professor of Communication
Granted Tenure

Mr. Kris Dietrich
promoted to Associate Professor of Theatre & Director of Graphic Design Dept.

Dr. Melissa Hause
Granted Tenure

Dr. Ervin Martin
promoted to Professor of Business Administration
Granted Tenure

Dr. Joseph Martin
Professor of Biblical Studies
Granted Tenure

Dr. Georgia Miller
promoted to Professor of Mathematics & Chair of Mathematics Department
Granted Tenure

Mr. Bob Pennebaker
Associate Professor of Art & Chair of Art Department
Granted Tenure

Dr. Stephen Phillips
Associate Professor of History and Political Science
Granted Tenure

Dr. Stephen Sachs
Professor of Piano and Music
Granted Tenure

Dr. Andrew Sauerwein
promoted to Associate Professor of Music
Granted Tenure

Dr. Randall Smith
promoted to Professor of English
Granted Tenure

Mrs. Janie L. Smith
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Granted Tenure

Mr. Nate Theisen
Associate Professor of Art
Granted Tenure

Convocation: Faculty and students are recognized for their hard work
throughout the school year. This year’s student winners and faculty
promotions, as well as faculty granted tenure, are listed above.

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