Equipping Students with a Christ-centered Worldview

A decade ago, concern for students to grasp a biblical, holistic view of the world prompted Belhaven to create its own core curriculum. This August, Belhaven celebrates the 10th birthday of the innovative Worldview Curriculum (WVC), a core curriculum that focuses on the grand narrative of history, with the humanities woven together and taught chronologically from a Christian perspective. Continue reading

Dr. Ligon Duncan’s Ten Radically Counter-Cultural Things that You Can Learn at Belhaven College

Ten Radically Counter-Cultural Things that You Can Learn at Belhaven that You Won’t Learn at Other Colleges.

Dr. J. Ligon Duncan, III, Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson and member of Belhaven’s Board of Reference, spoke at the Fall Academic Convocation. He contrasted Belhaven’s emphasis on the biblical worldview with 10 “isms” that are at odds with Christianity.

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Breaking Ground and Breaking Records

The Blazer baseball and softball teams have experienced their most successful seasons to date, breaking school and national records, receiving NAIA recognition, and watching senior Craig Westcott win Mississippi’s most sought after college baseball award—the Ferriss Trophy.

Before their season even began, the teams were building a strong foundation of teamwork through community service projects across the city. With an eye towards the college motto “to serve, not to be served,” teammates and coaches first found success in breaking ground with shovels—and later breaking records with bats. Continue reading

Barber Auditorium Renovation

For 35 years, Barber Auditorium has been a gathering place for lectures, performances, concerts, meetings, and campus ministries. It was built in honor of Mr. Harold Barber, Board of Trustees member, and his wife Annie Ford Barber, class of 1925 and one of five sisters who attended Belhaven.

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