The Key to Success

“If you believe the new Gallup-Purdue Index Report, a survey of 30,000 American college graduates on issues of employment, job engagement, and well-being, it all comes down to old-fashioned values and human connectedness.”

–Scott Carlson, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Every week my desk sees the delivery of a large paper entitled, The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Last week there was an article that caught my eye:  “A Caring Professor:  the Key, All Too Rare, in How Graduates Thrive.”  The article indicates that in job placement, engagement, and success, relationships with professors makes the difference.  University students with significant relationships with professors, advisors, and college staff had a greater sense of purpose and relational skills useful in their occupational outcomes.

Every graduating class receives a “New Alumni Participation Survey” from our office.  In one question, the new graduate is asked, “What do you remember most about your time at Belhaven?”  It never fails that the answer is relationships–faculty that care, students that engage with one another, and an environment that fosters the sharing of ideas.

So I say, “Congrats, Belhaven!”  You are ahead of the curve, and the Gallup-Purdue Index Report is just now asking the right questions!

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