What Belhaven Means to Jackson–in 1934

Bear with me.  I know this post is long, but so worth it.  This was published in 1934:

“Jackson cannot be imagined without our beloved Belhaven in its midst, radiating not only to the limits of our city, the limits of our state, but the limits of the Southland, its beautiful influence is felt.  Here we find not only conditions and facilities for the training of the mind and of the aesthetic nature, but as well of the moral and spiritual side of young womanhood.  It will be almost impossible to estimate the great worth which Belhaven gives to the community.

Let us look at some of those activities;  first of all Belhaven is a Christian institution.  The fundamental stone in its foundation lies in its teaching and acting The Word of Christ.  The alumnae of Belhaven go out into all corners of the state to take their place in the religious work of their communities. The motto of Belhaven is ‘Not to be ministered unto, but to minister’ and the member of the Belhaven community carry this motto into Jackson in large measure.

The cultural side of Jackson also is nourished by the Fine Arts Department of Belhaven; The School of Music is a source of much pleasure to the music lovers of the community.  Its Glee Club travels throughout the state every spring bringing Belhaven’s message of goodwill to others.  The Art Department of Belhaven pictures its scenic beauty in living canvasses.  Exhibitions are held every year at the College.

Belhaven’s influence is felt again through the message it sends into print.  Poetry, equal to that of the greatest masters of old, gladdens the hearts of the literary minded of Jackson.  Its student publications are interesting, not only to the Alumnae of the College, but others in Jackson…

Some one has said that ‘the strength of a building is no greater than its foundation.’  As we look backward to its beginning, surely Belhaven has built well, proof which comes by a glance, not alone at the beautiful buildings which have arisen to take the place of the old inadequate equipment but from the very beautiful character of those who have led our girls so splendidly along the path, so critical a time, from youth to womanhood.

The high standards of the College from its arising Phoenix like, form its ashes of the long ago, have reflected the sound scholarship, the educational wisdom, the deep spirituality of her leaders.”

While 80 years have passed since this publishing, many things still ring true for Belhaven and her contribution to the city of Jackson.  Belhaven’s campus still possesses the beauty which is referred to in this writing.  The cultural side of Jackson is still being influenced by Belhaven’s Fine Arts Department–plays, musical performances, art exhibitions, THE SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE (see the last post)–open to the public, for the greater good and enjoyment of the community.  And, not in the least of importance, is the “character of those who have led our girls so splendidly along the path, so critical a time, from youth to womanhood.”  We can insert “students” for girls and “adulthood” for womanhood and the sentence remains a testament to Belhaven’s Faculty and staff.

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