Arts Administration Chair Pursues New Project

Mr. Jack Kyle, Chair of the Arts Administration department, has been the catalyst for two outstanding exhibitions at Belhaven’s art gallery: “Andrew Bucci: Rediscovered” and “Marie Hull: Visions of Color and Light”. He has also created the Marie Hull Society for the Arts.

After several years of teaching and leading at Belhaven, Mr. Kyle has decided to embark upon a cultural project that has been his passion for many years. He will now be residing in Vicksburg, developing an art exhibition project that will entail building an appropriate world-class art exhibition facility and organizing international art exhibitions including: “Palaces of St. Petersburg: Russian Imperial Style” (1996), “Splendors of Versailles” (1998), “The Majesty of Spain: Royal Collections from the Museo del Prado and Patrimonio Nacional” (2001), and “The Glory of Baroque Dresden” (2004).

Mr. Kyle believes that this project will benefit the people of Mississippi by providing for the educational and cultural enrichment of the citizens and providing a resource for economic development. He also anticipates that it will increase tourism growth and enhance a positive image of Mississippi regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Arts at BU will feel the absence of Jack Kyle, but we rejoice as he pursues new artistic endeavors.

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