Using Evernote in the Classroom

I just read the article posted in the Chronicle of Higher Education with the title: Using Evernote in the Classroom.  For those of you who may not know, Evernote is a computer program WITH mobile applications for Android and Apple whose primary function is to store information in a way that easy to retrieve.  It syncs information across all devices so that what you save to Evernote from your computer is also available on your mobile device or the other way around.  It has a free version which I have yet to exhaust and a premium (paid) version with even more functions.

The article describes ways to use Evernote to support your teaching and would make a great repository for your class notes and materials.  the information can be tagged for even easier recall and shared.  There is also a link to an Evernote Notebook which is full of ideas on how to effectively use this program.  In that notebook there are a variety of other articles such as:  “5 Tips to Use Evernote for Academic Achievement,” “7 Smart Ways to Use Evernote for Research,” “How academics use Evernote to make life easier.”

This program has been around for quite a while and only gets better with more functions.  One of the functions I especially like is the “webclipper” which provides an icon at the top of my browser so that if I find an article I like, I can click on that icon and it “clips” a copy and stores it in my Evernote notebook.

Read through the article and the links and give it a try.  Its free and I have found it a great tool.

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