You Are Making a Difference! 2013 Graduate Comments 1

I recently asked the 2013 graduates to share their memory of their time at Belhaven University.  I think you will find the comments below to be encouraging.  I will post others as more come in.

The MPA program was so critical in not only my professional development but my spiritual development as well. I was attracted to the program because the classes were once a week and your cohort was relatively small. It was easy to get assignments done because everyone was so encouraging each other. We were all there to accomplish the same goal. The professors that impacted my life during the program was Dr. Ervin Martin, Dr. Nycole Campbell, Ms. Samantha Martin, & Ms. Regina Irvin. They were all so important throughout my tenure at Belhaven. I learned a lot of lessons from all of them & I implement those lessons in not only my professional life but my personal life as well.     MPA Alum ’13, Jackson

Belhaven actually changed my life, my way of thinking and my way of maneuvering through business and life.  ’13, Houston

I think the person that made the biggest impact on me was Dr. Thompson.  He made me challenge my own belief system.  He created real life situations in the business world.  He would also bring articles to class that involved critical thinking.  Dr. Thompson brought a religious critical thinking component to a business world view.  Many of the classes were composed of a business world view with a Christian component. I really appreciated Dr. Thompson making me challenge my own beliefs and get out of my comfort zone.  Not only did I have my own internal monologue to deal with, but I had to defend or reason my belief system vocally.  This forced me to do more research on a biblical level to back up my points when discussion arose. Knowing I can defend my religious views with research, it has allowed me to be more confidence when in the business world to find the resources necessary to back up my stances on situations.   ’13 Memphis

My under graduate experience at Belhaven was wonderful! It was very challenging but absolutely rewarding at the same time.  My instructors were always very willing to work with my busy schedule and yet tough enough to educate me to a higher standard.  The staff at the campus were amazing to say the least and always willing to help in any way they could.  I am now an Operations Manager for GE and my career is looking very bright.  I have used my education to get promoted in my civilian career and in my military career.  Thank-you and the support staff for the opportunity to be a part of the university during my under graduate studies. ’13 Chattanooga

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