Here are some more comments from the graduates of 2013.  They reiterate what I know: that you are an amazing faculty and that your work touches and changes lives.

I am so blessed to be a Graduate of Belhaven. I had a great experience there both academically and socially. The knowledge I gained at Belhaven has allowed me to have a thriving career with the Mississippi Department of Revenue as a Special Agent. Dr. Howard Bartee is a professor that had a great impact on my life. He challenged me to be a better student and person. I have great memories and I am extremely glad to be a Blazer!!! Keep me lifted in prayer as I enter a new season of my life. I pray that God enlarges the territory of Belhaven University and his hand remains with us all.

Jackson Graduate


Before I began school at Belhaven University in 2009, I prayed that God would lead me to the school that HE wanted me to go to! I wanted GOD to move me out the way. I came to Belhaven with an extremely low GPA so I was very nervous about my college education this time. I wanted to do my very best and learn all I could. The staff at Belhaven always encouraged me. If I had questions about Financial Aid, both Jackson and Memphis worked hard to get me the answers I needed. One of the instructors that had a tremendous impact on me was Dr. Ken Jones, my Psychology/Social Services teacher. He is very knowledgeable in this area. I believed I learned the most from doing his papers and through presentations because of the research we had to put in. He also made learning fun. I believe coming to Belhaven was all a part of God’s plan. I made life-long friends, grew spiritually, and went from a 1.0 GPA to graduating with a 3.92. I am grateful for my journey at Belhaven and thankful for Dr. Ken Jones, Don Jones, Erica Johnson, and Altonious Peterson. I got just what I needed… A valuable education with a Christian Worldview.

Memphis Graduate

My Belhaven experience was very challenging, positive, and rewarding. My instructors pushed me to achieve excellence in my studies and helped me to expand and enrich the Christian worldview I have had since my childhood. I remember Dr. Martin inspiring, encouraging, coercing, and cajoling us to get us through the program. I remember Dr. Jinkiri explaining complex principles of economics without ever cracking the textbook. I remember Dr. Redfern making us consider and discuss difficult ethical dilemmas and try to figure out the best solutions. I remember all of the instructors stressing the importance of being a good public servant, doing the right thing, and behaving in a Christ-like manner at all times. Thanks to all the faculty who made my time at Belhaven so memorable.

Jackson Graduate

When I was at Belhaven in 2013 I was in the first Masters Program at the Chattanooga Campus. Staffing was tight and Dr. Trussell taught most of the classes. The work load was very heavy and I was going through a very busy time at work as well. I can get frustrated at times with bureaucracy. Things like schedules and financial aid drove me nuts. The faculty in Chattanooga all made this part of the process painless for me and eased my worries several times. Susan Haughton in Chattanooga and Susan Smith in Jackson (Financial Aid) were outstanding and the patience they showed me made me realize not only how valuable of an asset they are but how much their work is their ministry.

Their actions gave me pause and caused me to reflect on how I interact with people. I hope I am able to live up to their standards and share the grace they shared with me.

Chattanooga Graduate

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