You Are Making a Difference! 2013 Graduates Comment 3

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  Here are some additional comments (see previous posts for more comments) from the graduates of 2013 that express their thanks for what you have done for them.

My experience going to Belhaven for my AA Degree as well as my BASS was very spiritual and confronting. Having the faith to belief and trust in God gave me the interconnection to discover myself and to make a positive impact on myself as well as others.  I was very inspired going to Belhaven by faith for it gave me a sense of purpose to help me to find myself through my toughest times in my life, I found a sense of purpose to set my goals and finish them. Belhaven allowed me to build faithful relationships with the faculty, Instructors and my colleagues, as well as to form groups to have positive results to where these relationships are proven to be more supportive. Belhaven gave me the opportunity to find the faith I needed to get me through my education and without this faith I don’t believe I could have accomplished this at all. I just want to say Thank you to all of you.


Jackson graduate

From the first meeting with the staff it was obvious that Belhaven was a perfect fit for me.  I always looked forward to walking through the door after a long day at work and being surrounded by people who always seemed to radiate Christianity.  Starting classes with a group prayer always gave us the chance to reflect on how fortunate we were to be in God’s presence and what a gift it was to have an opportunity to share prayer requests with others.  Never dreading a class was such a gift… and the faculty and staff at Belhaven were a large part of that. Taking the time to look into my Christian Worldview and how to focus on that still helps me to teach my boys, how to treat others and focus on making the right decisions today.  Attending Belhaven was a true blessing.

Chattanooga graduate

If I were to give a brief summary of how attending Belhaven has impacted my life, I would say, “Belhaven helped me understand how to deal with people better by introducing me to worldviews!” Before I came to Belhaven I had been known as a person who loves people and could get along with most I meet, but I had some hidden areas of thought concerning people based on decisions they made. The understanding of worldviews helped me bridge relationships with individuals I would not have been able to connect with before because I did not understand them.”

The Belhaven Instructors who really impacted the most were Dr. James Quillin, Dr. Ken Jones, and Dr. Ademola Sodendie.

Overall my experiences at Belhaven was God breathed, I was led to be a part of Belhaven to enhance the area of my life God needed me to improve in! I will forever thank God for the opportunity to attend there and to learn.

Memphis graduate

Belhaven University make me feel authentically supported when they said, “Please let me know how I can be helpful” and genuinely mean it. In addition, the excitement Belhaven staff express to co-learn with me rather than teach me, makes me feel like a partner in my learning experience, when it is so easy to feel like ‘a sponge that can only absorb.’ I know Belhaven staff has so much to share, but I love how Belhaven staff also openly articulate how much I have to share as well and how much they learn by engaging with me!

As educators, you have ensured a role of heightening my knowledge in academics. However, many of you have not seen me as one of the many students you have, but instead you value me for my uniqueness and strengths. Belhaven promotes an environment where I feel like I am able to not only share my contribution, but also know it is actually considered and appreciated. Thank you for being genuine. Thanks to Belhaven University, for seeing me as a partner in learning and sharing. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being one of the few great Christ centered colleges out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you instilled in me.

With gratitude, Jackson graduate

Attending school was another way for me to make a change in my life for the better.  My children and I could live better and would not have to struggle anymore.  It would show my children that no matter what if you believe in yourself; you could accomplish anything.  It was an opening for me to increase my awareness of the world around me, to know the Bible better and to meet students with a similar background.  I decided to go back to school because my job was a dead end and I was not going to advance within the company unless I acquired a degree.  I have had some great teachers and administrators along my journey.  The first one being Dr. Stripling the Literature teacher.  He challenged me in every aspect of my life not just as a student.  He would say do not just read the story and make a conclusion, but read it and apply it to the Bible and your life.   The next person I want to uplift is Elizabeth (asst. admissions director).  She was my cheerleader from the beginning and she believed in me throughout my journey with Belhaven.  I really missed her when she left.  I would like to thank Michelle for always smiling every time I entered the office because I had some rough days and it made a difference in my life.  Veronica was really good too.  She helped with my schedule and making sure I had my books for all of my classes.  Finally, there is Julien.  Julien was a student at the same time I was.  This made his motivation even better because he knew the struggles of being a parent, working and going to school.  I am a stronger person because of these great people and the lessons they taught me.

Houston Graduate

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