Grading Classroom Participation

Grading classroom participation, if you are like me, has always been somewhat subjective. I start out with the best intentions of keeping good track of participation, but get caught up in the teaching and quite often drop that ball.

I’ve just added a new section to the Faculty Development Canvas course which specifically addresses this area of instruction, titled “What is the Best Way to Grade Participation.” You can find it in the OnSite section of the Development Modules. I think there are some good ideas there that should help in this area.

There has also been some confusion regarding how participation grades are to be recorded in the on-ground courses for Adult Studies. After receiving some clarification, the process going forward is to consider each week to stand on its own and mark participation for that week. If you have any questions about that, please get with your Dean or contact me at




  1. George Gibson

    Hello Rick,

    Decided to go for the course of classroom participation grading. I’ve been teaching for 6 years already. but still there’s always something to learn and to try while working with kids and adults (I have worked with several groups, each with different level and skills). Classroom participation assessment is quite subjective, I agree.
    How should I register for a course? I’m from Worcester, Worcestershire. Should I have a Belhaven account? Thanks.

    George Gibson
    Worcester, Worcestershire
    View my article (Good Hooks).

    • Rick Upchurch


      I agree, classroom participation can be challenging, particularly when that one student seems to be at odds with your personality. I’m glad you are reading these posts and hope you find some useful information along the way. Unfortunately the Mentor Commons course I mentioned in this post is restricted to those teaching for Belhaven University either on-site or online as there is a license fee involved. Sorry,


      • George Gibson


        Thanks for your reply. I’m also interested in personal growth and skills. Thanks for sharing Youtube sources for that in your last post on personal development. Will watch them asap.


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