Fitzhugh Hall Now Bursting with Life

Fitzhugh Hall is complete and now bursting with life as students fill its classrooms once again.  In only a year and a half Fitzhugh was evacuated, demolished, rebuilt, renovated and upgraded. Fitzhugh Hall is a testament to Belhaven’s continued vision for its students pursuing degrees in biology, chemistry or mathematics, and will give students the best facility, tools and experience to go out into the world and serve Christ in their careers.

Update for Fitzhugh Hall June 19, 2013

The landscape within and outside of Fitzhugh Hall changes every day.  This week, we saw flooring being put in a student commons area, water fountains being installed and lab equipment being put in classrooms.

The exterior of Fitzhugh received its first coat of paint while workers took down the scaffolding, so painters can better reach its walls for the last coat of paint.

Fitzhugh Workers Begin Sheet Rock Installation

We are getting closer to the completion date of Fitzhugh Hall.  This week, construction workers started installing sheet rock for the first and second floors.

Here is what is happening for the next 30 days:
•         Permanent power connection tie at transformer
•         Complete plumbing
•         Begin stucco of the outside walls
•         Complete drywall and finishing
•         Begin millwork and flooring
•         Begin lab casework
•         Complete elevator work
•         Continued renovations in the west wing

A Look Inside Fitzhugh

I decided to include a few photos of what it looks like inside of Fitzhugh for his week’s update.  Also, The outside of Fitzhugh now has walls and windows.

Here is what is going on in Fitzhugh for the next 30 days:

·         Completion of wall framing on the 3rd floor and exterior framing
·         Completion of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing on all floors
·         Continuation of exterior sheathing
·         Start liquid applied air barrier and roofing work to dry in
·         Installation of windows and start stucco
·         Begin insulation and drywall of interior
·         Elevator pre-installation


Fitzhugh Hall Time Lapse Video

Check out this time lapse video of Fitzhugh Hall.  It seems like it was just yesterday when Fitzhugh’s east wing was demolished, but as you can see it has come a long way in a short time. As we look to the future, we are excited to see the utilization of this new space for our students.

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Fitzhugh Hall Construction Continues

March 11, 2013 (Jackson) – Construction workers are diligently working on Fitzhugh Hall to make the opening date in the fall. Fitzhugh changes a little everyday and the width of new wing has expanded to accommodate the growing School of Science and Mathematics.

Belhaven alumni, faculty, staff and students are all looking forward to the day when Fitzhugh is complete and they can stand in the new wing. David Potvin, Assistant VP for Campus Operations, said, “The substantial completion date for construction is set for July 31, 2013. During the first couple of weeks in August, we will continue outfitting all the science labs, classrooms and offices so that Fitzhugh Hall will be all set for the fall semester this year…it’s going to be wonderful!”

Last week, a roof was added to the east wing and in the next 30 days other major constructions milestones will include: completed steel handrails, wall framing on 2nd and 3rd floors, work on mechanical, electrical and plumbing on all of floors, started roofing work, exterior plywood sheathing and installation of windows.

Even though the $7 million project is near completion, Belhaven still needs $3 million to fully fund the work on Fitzhugh. Kevin Russell, Vice President for University Advancement, commented, “We have made tremendous progress towards raising $7 million for the renovation of Fitzhugh Hall into a “top notch” science building, but are still seeking to raise nearly $3 million to fully fund the project…so, it’s not too late to participate. As we ‘back-fill’ the fundraising for this emergency project, we welcome cash gifts as well as three-year pledges. Please call 601-968-5980 if you would like to help us reach our goal…every gift counts!”

While Fitzhugh’s east wing is getting a complete renovation from the ground up, the west wing is getting its own share of work and updates done. Potvin adds, “In the next few weeks, work will begin on the installation of new ceilings, electrical work, painting and some minor flooring work. We hope to start replacing the shingles on the west wing in the next week or so, which will of course, match the new roof on the east wing.”

A four-pipe system is being installed to the existing mechanical lines to match the new east wing. New fan coil units will also be installed in the west wing and the new mechanical room for the building will be located on the 1st floor of the west wing.

Fitzhugh Hall Construction Update for February 2013

Last week, a roof was added to the east wing. In the next 30 days we will start to see the following work on Fitzhugh:

  • Complete steel handrail
  • Continued wall framing on 2nd floor and then on the 3rd floor
  • Parapet wall framing
  • Continued work on mechanical, electrical and plumbing on all of floors
  • Start roofing work
  • Start exterior plywood sheathing
  • Installing windows
  • Continued work on the mechanics in the west wing