For any of you that have taken my classes you have heard me extoll the need and desire for your work and projects to be excellent.

Many of you have heard me quote a Pastor of mine who said:  “Excellence Honours God and Inspires Others!”

So it will come as no surprise that when I find a like minded individual I am going to send you guys there to read  their thoughts on the subject.

So please read this post called “When Good Isn’t Good Enough”

What? Change the label? Change the look? Change the name???

SCARY, isn’t it?

What was previously known as Belhaven College is creating quite a stir with our new identity. We are now Belhaven University, (and sometimesBelhaven U, or BU. as we have also been hearing.)

The school is having to be very strategic about how the new brand unfolds, and what an absolute blessing for our graphic design students to experience.

In a meeting yesterday, our Chairman Kris Dietrich and I discussed with many others the importance of not losing our core values in all this, and the message about what our University is about.

In classes next semester we are going to really dig in and involve Graphic Design students in the unfolding of the brand.

There are countless details that have to be attended to, and a need to prioritize which are more important and also which changes are cost effective. Ahhhh, the word budget comes into play here. Call it a reality check, all good for the students in our department to see and analyze. There will be a wild ride associated with it so just hold on, because rules and applications will be scrutinized…  Join us to see where all this goes. …gt

Who Are You? & Business Cards

I was unable to get a guest blogger for today but in light of that I toss this juicy post out to you……  as I was reading David duChemin blog and in the process of running a contest where the entry required a scan of your business cards he picked a winner…. then surmised some very interesting things about your business cards and what it is saying about who you are…….

I encourage you to read his post. Especially the latter half and think… …. Does my business card and it’s design communicate who or what my business is effectively?

Bonus content

… well from David again, you can tell I am a fan of not only his photogprahy but a lot of his philosophy as well.  This link is a post regarding Professionalism…. now I know he talks alot about photographers but really substitute the word Photographer for Graphic Designer and APPLY IT!!  One of my favorite parts of the post is this:

“– because it doesn’t take much for me to wow clients. And while that’s good for me, it bodes very badly for those among us who are setting the standard of mediocrity so low. I mean, c’mon, it’s hard enough to do this and keep your head above water, I know it is. I get emails all the time about these challenges. Don’t mulitply it with customer service that makes you look ragged around the edges and drives customers to someone else – who might be “less talented” but is more inclined to serve the customers you don’t have time to serve well.”