Identity Inspiration

After perusing the blog last Friday and having a few good laughs over the “unfortunate logos” post I thought, … Hhhmmmm, this would be a great segue!

You gotta love logo design – the stories behind them, the untold hours in research, creative brainstorming, taking your friends’ subjective opinions with a grain of salt and your clients’ opinions to heart. There’s just one little thing that this little bundle of words and images has to do and that is to communicate effectively.

Whenever I’m tasked to create one of these I always look for quick inspiration, especially under a tight turnaround – is there any other kind? Whether it’s a four color job with all the bells and whistles or a one color, type only job, I usually hit the site called:

Kinda starting to sound like a PSA isn’t it? If you haven’t already checked it out it will definitely get your creative juices flowing. It’ s nice to see how they present their marks on complimentary colored backgrounds. Who needs white space anyway?

You can view the site by Top Uploaders, Most Favorites, Most Floats and Most Favorite Logos.

Font Family – Contest Commences


The students were asked to develop a Family of creatures, possibly humanoid, possibly more monster out of Font characters.  The students were also encouraged to allow familiar forms to influence their choices if they so chose bringing to light many of the ‘familiar’ faces you see while still being formed out of font characters.   The resulting familial units should all have 2 Parental figures, 2 offspring, &  a family pet.  They were also asked to give consideration to how the Parental units related to the offspring, and hopefully visually tying them together as a FAMILY 🙂

All were to be presented individually, and also in a ‘Family Portrait’ setting.  Many of the entries also took the time and effort to provide context, characteristics, and a story to help present their family in the most understandable, relatable, everybody wants to keep up with the ‘Jone’s’ sort of way.  I think they have done an outstanding job and I ask you to review them, vote for your favorites, vote for all of them, just vote (like) them.  Please feel free to leave comments as everybody loves to get feedback on their creativity!  The easiest way to scroll through all of them (as there are several) may be to use our Facebook Page  (which we will hope you will add to your favorites too)

……….. and the rumor is true the student with the most comments, or likes for their Family will win a prize!  Thanks for checking them out, I hope you enjoy them.

The Eye Family


The Fondt Family is a close-knit, loving family. Ardent and Adora met in their late twenties and married a few years after meeting. Their children, Aimee and Andrew are thoughtful and wise like their parents. The Fondt family pet, Abigail, is playful and her constant company is enjoyed by each member.

Each of the family members, minus the cat, has a similar profile. See if you can find which glyph I chose for this. Also, for their necks, I chose to use the same glyph.

Though each font is different, I think you should be able to pick out this resemblance. Aimee has curly locks like her mother. Andrew’s hair is wavy, just as his father’s. They all have a proper, healthy posture and similar dress.

Adora holds a rose, symbolizing the beauty of her dear family, and the thorns are the pressing trials and pains, that only a mother may feel in her tender heart. The lollipop and bugs crawling on Andrew, represent his love of exploring and his courage to discover and try new things. The window in the family portrait is a representation of hope, which is encouraged to grow by Mrs. Fondt. That is why I chose to use the same font as I used to create her as I did this window. The window symbolizes hope because it encourages one to look out beyond the happiness and the sorrow of the present moment, and to see the bigger picture. It also represents the wisdom of the Fondt family, as they have a habit of looking at every aspect of the problems that they face. I hope you enjoyed meeting the Fondt family! (:

Ardent’s font is precise and bold, because he is the man of the house. A bold and yet subdued character, he is extremely wise and hardworking, I felt his text should embody a stable cut font.

For Adora, I chose a font that hard many soft and curvy shapes. It is not completely rounded; there are some clearly defined angles and cuts. I chose this, also, to reflect her character. She is a kind and patient woman, full of grace and tenderness. Out of her deep love, she is able to be forbearing and adamant when something threatens those she loves. Though she is understanding, her mind is unpersuaded morally.

Aimee is the first-born daughter, and she looks up to her mother’s quiet beauty. The font used to create her, resembles that of her mother’s gentless, and yet, has a free spirit of its own. Aimee has a heart of joy and is caring, like her mother, especially for her younger brother, Andrew.

For Andrew, I decided on a font that was similar to his father’s font. It is less matured, because the print is thinner and slightly softer around the edges. Though Andrew is the youngest, he has quite a big heart, so I picked out a font that closely resembled his father.

For Abigail, the cat, I chose a font that was somewhat thick and contained a few dipping, swishing lines. I wanted to portray the thickness of his furry coat, and for the playful character, I made sure it had a few curvy strokes.