State of Design Education

I was recently made aware of this article which talks about the state of Design education.

What do you think of this article and the state of Design Education?

Outside Perspective

Whenever I tell someone that I’m in a graphic design class they look at me quizzically and ask, “That isn’t your major is it?” I tell them that it is not, that I am a business major but that graphic design is one of those things that can help you out in business. I believe it can help out with any major. I jumped into this class not really knowing what I was getting myself into. The first day of class I felt like the lone PC in a world of Mac’s. Everyone was so artsy and had so much more experience at doing this sort of thing. I even talked to the teacher confessing that I was a business major, completely inept at art ever since high school where it lowered my overall gpa. I confessed that I was not artistically inclined, however, I promised to give the class 110%. I was still nervous as we started the whole process. It is intimidating to watch the kid next to you sketch out exactly what he wanted to do and then scan it into adobe illustrator. However, I stuck with it, and soon if the guy next to me had a problem he would ask me and not the other way around, even being woken up one night by a fellow graphic design student who was stuck on a project. I went tirelessly through the photoshop and illustrator manuals, clinging to them as though they were the maps to the new world. I will confess jealousy at fellow students when we reached the halfway point and switched to photoshop. All of a sudden I was back at the bottom of the foodchain. Everything I had learned about illustrator and vectors was for naught. Besides that, everyone and their mother had previous experience with photoshop. I, on the other hand was floundering yet again. With the same determination I pushed through yet again. I never became a resource of knowledge for the workings of photoshop but I did learn to use and appreciate a few of the overwhelming number of tools it processes. I am proud to say that I am no longer the scared little kid who first entered the scary world of art and graphic design. I am a war-hardened veteran whose skills will most definitely be useful in the future. I did it, and so can YOU.

Darren want you in Graphic Design Classes

Darren wants you in Graphic Design Classes

Art Factory

I just wanted to do a quick post and shout out to a place of healing and art.
…. and has a cool Belhaven connection as some of the founders of this place are the parents of a Belhaven Student…. 🙂

The Art Factory Revealed from Rick & Mary Beth Holladay on Vimeo.

Opportunities for visual artists and those supporting the visual arts in Europe. The Art Factory is a faith-based initiative to rediscover the possibility of a creative and restorative relationship with God and encourage and enjoy the making of art.