Best Experience My Freshman Year

One of the best experiences I have had this past year as a freshman at Belhaven, was attending the Capital Gains conference in January. It was an extremely challenging experience. I was not quite sure what to expect when I walked in and received my schedule for the day. At first I was slightly disappointed that they had put me in a session that did not look like it would be as helpful to me as another. I remember making small talk with others around me wondering if they felt as anxious as I. After pouring myself a nice hot cup of free coffee, I walked into the first session and was positively surprised by how much I learned from the speaker. She spoke of networking and many different ways we can use that in our graphic design career—a concept I had always heard about, but not fully understood. I still do not understand it completely, but because of the information I learned in that session I am an on my way to mastering the concept!  The conference challenged me to overcome my insecurities and to try and do better with social networking and overall designing. I still struggle with wondering if I will ever master the art, but then I have to remind myself to not give up and realize that this is my first year at Belhaven. I have time.  God is control of my life and will help me grow. I know he as placed a passion for this art in me for a reason, and I have to keep trying and pushing forward towards my goals. We have to learn to trust Him to give us strength and courage to continue pursuing our dreams.

Time Management — (make every minute count)

What areas have you grown the most?

Being my second semester here at Belhaven,I would have to say time management would be where I have grown the most. With the classes and work study, it has made me realize what time management really is.  Its making me learn that every minute is useful, so make it worth it.


Capital Gains @ Belhaven

Once again the Belhaven Campus was set upon by many Graphic Design students and professionals from all around the State in order that they could attend the Capital Gains conference hosted by Karen Johnson & the AAF – Jackson

This one-day event is a unique opportunity to have working Professionals critique & review student’s portfolios as well as give presentations on current trends & topics facing working Graphic Designers today.

We were honoured to host the event and  hope everyone who came left enlightened and encouraged.

Design for the Greater Good

I love design, I love designing, & I love seeing Great Design.  However, I really get excited when I see Design being used for the greater good, and benefiting all of us out there.

When design is used to create a better world it fulfills what I believe the area of Design should…….. so I enjoyed reading this post about the Design Revolution Roadshow where there was an attempt to expose and educate people to the world of design done for the greater good.