Some Interesting Facts Presented in an Interesting Fashion

I found these interesting……

Amazing facts and figures about the rate at which technology moves the human race and affects the world we live in!
This is a short video that I made for a presentation to my work colleagues in August 2010. I have taken some of the information from Sony BMG’s short flick Did You Know.
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Amazing PPT Presentation! 3.0 for 2008 – Newly Revised Edition Created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod; Globalization & The Information Age. It was even adapted by Sony BMG at an executive meeting they held in Rome this year. Credits are also given to Scott McLeod, Jeff Brenman
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So Graphic Design Majors are you prepared?

Why BU? What has it done Academically? Socially? Spiritually?

Why BU?

I chose Belhaven because it was where graphic design was offered as a major.  Graphic Design is where God has given me gifts. Also I wanted a university in the Jackson metro area.

These are some areas that desciribe me being here, let me explain:

  • First is Academically, after being out of college for about 4 years, I prayed and felt it was time to go back to school to get my bachelors. Being here at BU has been great at preparing me for the real world, & what to expect . The professors here are really engaged and passionate about what they do.
  • Socially, I would say that between the work and school I try to make time for a social life.   As I said earlier, the professors are engaging. Kris Dietrich, my  graphic design professor invites all the graphic design majors to his house for hang out time getting away from school. I think thats really cool!
  • And Spiritually, By growing closer to God, & the scripture readings in class has made me more familar with God’s Word and understanding the meanings behind them. I like the time we have together as a body to worship the Almighty God through songs at chapel. Some of my classes even begin with and end with a prayer, I think thats cool!

What’s Your Favorite Class and Why?

I’m currently a sophmore here at Belhaven. I’m a graphic design major/art minor. I’ve loved all of my art classes and graphic design classes so far.

Here’s the thing…I think that if you pick a major you love then you should love the classes in that major. Think about this…if you are taking classes for a certain major and realize you don’t like any of the classes…why are you taking them? ….are you just taking them for a stable future career? … that what your parents want? …..what is it that you are passionate about?

I love my major! This semester my favorite class is Computer Graphics because I get to use my love for art and graphic design to create art. Every assignment I get is another step towards growing in my abilities as a designer. I love it! I love being creative and being able to express myself in a visual way. I also like challenging myself to go beyond what everyone else is doing and design work that people will notice. I can’t wait to take more of these classes! 🙂

What classes do you love?

My Experience @ Belhaven

What’s the best class and assignment this year?

GDS 211 is my best class and the Transdigm Annual Report is my best assignment this year.

What areas you have grown the most?

In general, I have grown to know how to use more software, such as Indesign and Illustrator, and my creativity has considerably developed. I also have experienced a lot of real market experience from activity such as the Capital Gain conference.

Why Belhaven?

Belhaven offers unique biblical principled curriculum, which is the top priority when I was making my college decision. Moreover, it offers small class sizes, which allows more teacher-student interaction.

What has it done to you spiritually, academically?

It has continuously building up my faith and confidence in Christ, and also helped me to see my future path clearer.

Career plan

I have not decided it yet, however, I would like to become a medical illustrator.