The One One Six 9/27/11

  • In this week’s departmental guest speaker, McNair Wilson, will be with us. You can find out more about McNair at his website or his blog. He will also be walking the Senior studio classes through his brainstorming workshop.
  • The class schedule for the spring should be up in blazenet soon!
  • Font Monster Family will start appearing on the blog on October 6th.

The One One Six 9/19/11

  • We are in the final stages of some logo & identity work for a client. The final product will be posted soon!
  • NO Departmental meeting this week, BUT there will be one next week – 9/28/11 at 4pm in Bitsy Irby 116.
  • Stay tuned to the blog for our Annual Font Monster Contest. They will be posted soon so stay tuned because we’ll need your votes for favorite.

Beauty in Water

I think this fountain is one of the most mesmerizing ones I have ever seen.  The pictures, animation, motion, water, all working flawlessly in harmony just captivates me ( and the children who come along in the video as well).  All I keep thinking is; I hope one day that I can use my design skills to create something as interesting.  Remember some designer out there had to come up with the overall design AND all that water content 🙂

I hope you enjoy it.