Advice for New Students @ Belhaven

So I asked two of our returning students to give me some advice they would have liked to have when they first came to Belhaven that they had not gotten…… and this is what they came up with


Greetings from Colorado and no Humidity,

College Advice, What’s Happening this Summer, and Tidbits

My name is Lindsay Downs. I’ll be a junior (a 15th grader! 😉  graphic designer at Belhaven this upcoming year. I came in last year as a transfer student.  It was almost unreal that a jewel of a school is right here in Jackson, MS. My first year here was challenging, uplifting, and an experience I won’t forget. Being a transfer my biggest concern was:

“Crud. I have to do this all over again?”

Mostly, this came from memories of orientation and settling in.  My orientation was a class at my former school, not a one week ordeal. Either I passed or failed at being admitted into a new phase in my life: college. Well, whatever. There’s 5 things that work to pass. It doesn’t whether you’re a freshmen, senior, transfer, or someone in-between.

  1. A maturing personal relationship with The Lord
  2. Dedication and Passion:
  3. Hard Work: Utilize what God has given you to the best of your abilities
  4. Family and friends that will encourage, guide, and influence you in the ways of Christ
  5. The people God leads into your life for a reason, good or bad. That annoying kid brother or counter lady at Piggly Wiggly with the mobile mole? Yep. They count! Every person that I’ve come to know or meet in passing has impacted me in some way. There’s always something to learn from your life experiences and none are dumb or worthless!

My personal challenge in college (and in general) would be time management. Sometimes too much is going on at once and it’s hard to make the necessary time and focus to do what needs to be done. My biggest mistake when I was a freshmen was I was involved in too much. It distracted me! I need to remember to keep The Lord in sight at all times. Then will things will be clear and in focus. The Holy Spirit is like the lens of your soul. He adjusts what needs to be captured.

Advice as a designer:

Some of our best ideas as designers and artists come from lazy, spontaneous, and unexplainable moments. A mantra from a former professor of mine:

K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

And it works!

And of course God’s Word:

Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD Godis with you. He will not fail you or forsake you…”

1 Chronicles 28:20

What’s happening this summer:

I am working as a receptionist and as a freelance graphic designer for Pierret Designs (a jewelry company) in downtown  Denver as well as a legal assistant and file clerk at The Hopp Law Firm, LLC  in downtown Denver.

My duties at Pierret consist of making sure orders are tracked, shipped/delivered, photos are taken, and on the side updating their business cards and creating a brochure for their services (I hope my photos uploaded)

The law firm consists of doing legal processing like bankruptcies, filing (lots of filing), and managing given projects like creating presentations for upcoming meetings. Grunt work basically.

These opportunities have been a blessing in learning how a small business runs, staying organized, and conducting myself as a professional but most importantly as woman of God. Anything I do should be for his glory and not my own dreams and ambitions.

Lastly, led God lead, my plans reach epic levels of stupidity and human limitations, so the wisest (and painless) way life works is when He’s in charge. And He is!

Lindsay's Summer Work

Lindsay's Summer Work


Ok here are my ideas…

The old adage is true, you get out what you put in. If you aren’t very interested in a class, still put forth an effort. You’ll respect yourself in the end.

It’s not enough to care. You have to SHOW that you care.

The people around you are your biggest asset. Surround yourself with people that you can trust, but also make you laugh.

If you aren’t making an effort in a class you may feel that your professors are out to get you.

Your professors don’t hate you. In fact, they want to see you do well more than you do.

Dr. Martin might be a pool shark. 🙂

1 hour of Chapel is better than 2 hours of Community Service. It’s not worth the nap to miss it.

If the sprinklers are on, it’s probably also raining. 🙁

The food in the Dining Commons probably won’t kill you…(at least not until you are 50 with a coronary) 😉

If you play in the fountain late at night, watch for security and be ready to run into the shadows!

Emily Mabry
Sparrow Ink Design <>


Thanks you two for fearlessly sharing, there is some pretty good advice up there.  Have a good Friday and we are looking forward to the first Monday of the semester! 🙂

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