What are you looking forward to next year??

Next year?

Oh man, I can’t wait untill next year. Next year I will be half way through college. I will be done with WVC courses and will be able to take more graphic design classes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully, I will get to move off campus next year and rent a house with some friends. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m looking forward to more growth. Since I’ve been here I’ve learned so much. I chose to go to a place where I knew no one and feel like I’m thriving here. Belhaven is such a great school for me. I’ve met so many great people and can’t wait to continue growing those relationships.

I’m ready for whatever God has in store for me next year!


My Experience @ Belhaven

Whatโ€™s the best class and assignment this year?

GDS 211 is my best class and the Transdigm Annual Report is my best assignment this year.

What areas you have grown the most?

In general, I have grown to know how to use more software, such as Indesign and Illustrator, and my creativity has considerably developed. I also have experienced a lot of real market experience from activity such as the Capital Gain conference.

Why Belhaven?

Belhaven offers unique biblical principled curriculum, which is the top priority when I was making my college decision. Moreover, it offers small class sizes, which allows more teacher-student interaction.

What has it done to you spiritually, academically?

It has continuously building up my faith and confidence in Christ, and also helped me to see my future path clearer.

Career plan

I have not decided it yet, however, I would like to become a medical illustrator.


Favorite Class-KJ

One of the best classes (besides my computer graphics class) that I have taken since being at Belhaven is Survey of the New Testament. Even though New Testament is a required class I enjoyed it and looked forward to going to class every day. One of the reasons I loved the class so much was because of my teacher Mrs. Martin. She is a very sweet lady who spent most of her life working as a missionary in Brazil. Her greatest concern while teaching was making sure that we know and understood each book of the New Testament. In her class, I learned more about the Bible than I expected to learn; because, she taught and lectured on more than just the content of each book. She taught us about the different authors, the audiences of each book, and the purpose of each book.

Always remember when picking classes, especially required classes, to pick teachers that have good reputations, and teachers who will make you excited to go to class. A good way to do this is to talk to upper classman who have already taken that class. Mrs. Martin is an excellent teacher and I am very glad I was in her New Testament class, and I recommend her to every student who still has to take New Testament.

Home for the holidays

The holidays are great times.

They can be times of reflection as we travel and head back to old stomping grounds. They are exciting as we think of the scents and colors of the season. But most importantly they are an individual experience.

Many times in class we will discuss design and concepts, and reaching within our own creativity to pull out fresh ideas, but what does that mean to us really?

Well, my take on this is that Design inspiration is EVERYWHERE and you never know where it will strike. Traveling is one of the best ways to re-ignite that spirit because we get out of our own routine and into a fresh set of circumstances.

As you travel this holiday, turn your senses on to patterns, color, and textures of the seasons, whether it be a combination of color in Uncle Paul’s shirt, or the gorgeous colors inspired by nature on our overflowing plates at our holiday meal.

So come back to class with a renewed sense of design, and a new palette too, because the beets you toss, might be an amazing color next to the sweet potato mash in a new design layout {see my headline color combo}.

Oh… and most importantly, give thanks for your talents, your vision and the people that support you in your design endeavors. Safe travels to all.