Fly on the wall: Graphic Design I, and we’re already branding fools………..

So what exactly is it we are doing in our graphic design classes this semester… some want to know:

In Graphic Design I, we just completed an assignment to brand a fictional shoe store concept. Students chose and completed a container for the shoes, a logo, a business card, and a bag to carry the product away.

Branding is a concept that is usually foreign to new design students, but I think you have to start right away, thinking about function of your mark(logo) and whether the vision you have will work throughout a certain length of time.  This project created a lot of excitement, and I’ll have photos to post pretty soon.

Some of the  ideas were:

Notable, an upscale women’s shoe store which utilized the fabrics and tones of women’s business clothing fabric to help create it’s environment and palette.

Golden Idol, a store that carried island flip flops, materials were raw and imagery and visuals were taken from the forest of an island to give it a unique environment.

Ditto, a children’s shoe store, where the logo was a whimsical set of chairs in bright color and different sizes, and the box, had a handle to be functional for their mini clients to carry their new pair of shoes away.

The Refinery, an upscale men’s shoe store, inspired by aEuropean environment, and utilizing that imagery of the countryside and a store front of a small village upscale shop within  the brand elements.

ahhhhhhhh……. The Designers Toolbox, filled once again with valuable info. Live it. Learn it. Visit it OFTEN.

Headlines to brochures, Headlines to editorial spreads, Headlines to Web pages, and more… Headlines can become more than just the biggest piece of text on the page. The way you set the type can become a defining element of your layout or even the entire campaign. Here are different headline styles you may want to explore or build upon in your next design.

So one my my favorite sites, is called Designers Toolbox

I am linking you to a great page about Headlines and thinking about headlines within your layout…

Bookmark  this site to help you tweak your graphic design skills

Headlines From Designer’s Toolbox

Why in the world do we thumbnail? And why it is not related to your manicure…

Small scale rough sketches of a design concept. They are among the first stages of the cre­ative process. Before thumb nails, design ers often col lect a design or cre ative brief, do research and/or word asso ci a tions and some times wire frames as a sep a rate step. Thumb nail ing is a process that design ers use to quickly illus trate ideas for a design. The longer a designer spends in the thumb nail stage, the more detail that is put into these sketches, the faster the next stage,comps, goes. Thumb nails are to design what an out line is to writ ing a paper.

OK, so now you know what it is and why I require it.  So when we ask for thumbnails, be prepared with MANY… G.Turner

Non Blogging Wednesday

So I’ve never blogged, never read or followed blogs for long, and now I’m a designer and design instructor being told NOT to blog on Wednesday?    Well, I’d tell students to go for it anyway, so that’s my blog.

GO FOR IT at any time, whenever the feeling hits you, and whenever inspiration strikes.  You never know where a design concept comes from so embrace it WHENEVER! Hmmm, I might just blog more if I could change the font on this thing to a much cooler Gigi-esque type font. ….G.Turner