Defining Belhaven University – “Purposeful Stewardship”

In June, I was locked in a conference room for two days with our Administrative Team, the Directors of Admission and Integrated Marketing, and some incredibly gifted marketing consultants.

Our time together was for one simple task – to articulate exactly what Belhaven University does that distinguishes us from all other colleges and universities.

You’d think that assignment would be easy – but it wasn’t. And fortunately, we had Liza Looser and the Cirlot Agency, one of the country’s top marketing firms, leading us through this analysis – a gift of their time given to Belhaven, worth far more than we could ever afford, had we hired their council like other clients for this analysis.

We were charged with distilling everything special about Belhaven into one or two words. If you had only one or two words to describe everything that is unique about us – what would you say?

I’ve suggested to the campus that “Christ focused” would be those two words, and while true, we were quickly convinced in our session that those words didn’t articulate what made us different from every other evangelical school.

Well, it may not be the perfect answer, but to summarize the nature of what distinguishes Belhaven University from all the other 4,168 schools in America we chose the words: “purposeful stewardship.”

Not too catchy for a billboard is it? Yea, we didn’t think so either, but it’s the truth, and we’ll find some good ways to explain it.

It comes down to this idea – we have a drive and culture ingrained in Belhaven that seeks to get the best out of everything that God has given to us. We are purposefully good stewards of whatever the Lord entrusts to us.

If we take all the complexities and distinctives of this University, and distill them into this core idea of “purposeful stewardship,” everything we do boils down into three critical stewardship callings given to us by God:

1. Purposeful stewardship of teaching an unchanging biblical

2. Purposeful stewardship of valuing every student

3. Purposeful stewardship of honoring God-given opportunities.

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