Font Family Popularity Contest

Alright the time has come for some more student projects.  I am going to post some ‘Font Monster Families’ created by the students.  Please vote for your favorites, and yes you can vote for more than one.  You can voice your approval by leaving your comments on this blog or by choosing ‘like’ or commenting on our  facebook page.  In the  ‘Families’ assignment the students were asked to create two parents of opposite genders, two children of opposite genders, and a pet.  The characters must be completely created from fonts but can be manipulated to create the desired creative effect.  The children are supposed to look as if they are some sort of a parental combination while still being their own unique font.   In addition to the individual creations, I also asked that there be a ‘famliy’ portrait as well.  All that to say I think these are great and fun and of course full of personality and design!! 🙂   Oh and in case I wasn’t clear you are voting by your comments and when it is all over there will be a winner and there is a prize (and it is more than just a good grade!)

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