29 thoughts on “Font Monster Family – ASG

  1. Great job Alexys! How amazing is it that you have created these stunning pictures with fonts! May God continue to prosper you in your creative gifts! Be blessed and may God increase you more and more!

  2. Godzilla was such a powerful creature in tv film so to produce an entire family from his character shows a lot of creativity from the this student.

    The graphics are great!!

    Hats off to ASG!

  3. This is truly outstanding. I am pleased with the details and also the internal message of the design. This design gives any individual who views the potraits many moments of pause and deep reflection.

  4. Nice design compilation. Excellent use of fonts and color schemes.

    Tiecha Keiffer

  5. Wow, this is really wonderrful. If I were to guess at this, it seems the dad is a pillar of strength, while mom looks up to the heavens as she picks up the pieces. The children both appear to be gifted, one a brilliant mind and the other a dancer. The pet or beast appears to protect and keep the family in check. What creativity. Good job.

  6. Very creative, unique and inspiring. I enjoyed searching for the designs the artisit use to potray her family.

  7. Congratulatons Alexys, you’ve done a great job. Remember “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.


  8. Alexys, Great Job!!! Very creative work! Keep up the good work. May God continue to bless your gifts.

  9. Alexys, I love your “out of the box” creativity! May God continue to bless the works of your hands!

  10. Alexys, This is great. One of my students (Devin) says he likes the work and would you do a battle with Mothra. (lol)

  11. Alexys, you are so talented! Its amazing how you gave the characters life by using just letters and symbols. You have a special gift….creative vision. Keep up the great work!

  12. Hey Alexys ur pictures are very creative I really like them I kno it took alot of thumbnails and time to come up with them nice Job! keep up the good work we should get together since we doing the samething lol I really like the daughter

  13. Hey Alexys this is very creative use of font I really like the daughter the way u used the letters it makes them really look like dinosaurs have u started on the apple cpu yet? I think we should get together u cn really help me with Ideas lol it takes alot of thumbnails keep up the good work!

  14. Much emphasis and support not to mention love for young talent.
    This is incredible, and very creative. Much more then I was able to complete during my programming days. Keep up the good work and the continual improvement.

    -Joe Richard

  15. Awesome work Alexys!!! They are all unique…my favorite is the Pet…Keep up the good work!!

  16. I looveeeee them all! Plus you showed me your inspiration one day, so I find that very neat. Has some background to it too which is also cool. Good Job! 😀

  17. EXTREMELY creative! I love the Godzilla Font Family 🙂 Going to share with my son who is in graphic design at LA Tech…. they could use the inspiration! Nice work.

  18. This is beautiful. You have expressed such creativity. Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone.

  19. Great job Alexys, this looks great!!! I love the way you utilized those fonts. This was very creative. I look forward to seeing much more of your creativity. Can I be the hostess at your first gallery opening?LOL?

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