Home for the holidays

The holidays are great times.

They can be times of reflection as we travel and head back to old stomping grounds. They are exciting as we think of the scents and colors of the season. But most importantly they are an individual experience.

Many times in class we will discuss design and concepts, and reaching within our own creativity to pull out fresh ideas, but what does that mean to us really?

Well, my take on this is that Design inspiration is EVERYWHERE and you never know where it will strike. Traveling is one of the best ways to re-ignite that spirit because we get out of our own routine and into a fresh set of circumstances.

As you travel this holiday, turn your senses on to patterns, color, and textures of the seasons, whether it be a combination of color in Uncle Paul’s shirt, or the gorgeous colors inspired by nature on our overflowing plates at our holiday meal.

So come back to class with a renewed sense of design, and a new palette too, because the beets you toss, might be an amazing color next to the sweet potato mash in a new design layout {see my headline color combo}.

Oh… and most importantly, give thanks for your talents, your vision and the people that support you in your design endeavors. Safe travels to all.

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