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We have been blessed this year with the addition of two new Instructors in our Graphic Design Dept. and in the popular facebook ‘do you know your neighbour’ type quizzes I asked them a few questions.  🙂

First up Mr. Karlos Taylor, our new Specialty Instructor in Graphic Design

Favorite Designer? I don’t have a favorite designer, but I am an ABSOLUTE fan of German typography! I hope to study there at some point in my career.

Favorite Font? Totally depends on the situation. Century Gothic is very amicable and clear; great for copy.

Favorite non-Graphic place of inspiration?
My car. I am always in it, and for some reason, design concepts really come together on my windshield.

If you could describe your design style in one – two sentences what would you say?
Direct and indirect: Direct in its initial presentation, and filled with indirect details that support the direct stuff.

Favorite project you have ever done?  Any samples you could share?
The banners I do for my church’s pulpit and other concept banners/large scale pieces. I love them because it’s cool to have to create something that ties several aspects of truth into one finite work. (example attached)

Finish this sentence……

I am most looking forward to making connections between the Graphic Design Department and the rest of the institution, and making an impact on the surrounding community during my time at Belhaven

Work by Karlos Taylor
Work by Karlos Taylor

…and the Jonathan Shull our Adjunct Professor’s answers:

Favorite Designer: Joel Templin

Favorite Font: Century Gothic & DeSoto

Favorite non-Graphic place of inspiration: <>

Favorite Graphic place of inspiration via the web: <>

If you could describe your design style in one – two sentences what would you say? My goal is to create relevant and authentic design. If there is no relevance, what is the point?

Favorite project you have ever done? I am currently working on the branding for Parlor Market, a new fine dining restaurant opening downtown Jackson in late September. They have been a graphic designer’s dream client. Example: custom wooden cheese and charcuterie boards with the logo I created branded into the wood. The name comes from the building’s history, which I insisted the chef/owner do his research on. In the 1920’s it was downtown Jackson’s dry goods grocery store named Parlor Market. It was also a marble company, a leather company, and an oyster bar – all design elements which are being incorporated into the brand experience.

See more at

I am most looking forward to learning from my students and helping them become better designers during my time at Belhaven.


I think you can see we have a pretty cool team assembled her for our Fall slate of classes & that we as Faculty are excited to be here and interacting, teaching, and mentoring you guys, the next generation of design, the up and coming visual voices !!

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