Summer Senior Internship

Hello! My name is Emily Mabry and I’m one of the upper level graphic design majors here at Belhaven. I’m not your average traditional student as I spent two years out of high school at Belhaven, took four years off and got married, worked in the real world, started my own business and went to ministry school. Now I’m back in the saddle to finish my degree and learn some things to further my freelance graphic design business.

I have the opportunity this summer to do an internship as an in-house junior graphic designer with a large ministry. The job is pretty familiar to me as I used to work this very job last year when we lived in PA. This internship is different in that I’m working remotely more like a freelance contractor than an employee. I work under an art director and my major responsibilities are to modify designs for recurring events and conferences that have already been created and (my favorite) to create new designs for other marketing materials for events, and other departments that are under the umbrella of the ministry.

I think what I love most about the internship is being able to have freedom to develop new ideas and designs under an art director. Working with someone else creatively is very rewarding when you can be proud of the final product.

Stay tuned for a walk-through of one of my recent projects!

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