What’s Your Favorite Class and Why?

I’m currently a sophmore here at Belhaven. I’m a graphic design major/art minor. I’ve loved all of my art classes and graphic design classes so far.

Here’s the thing…I think that if you pick a major you love then you should love the classes in that major. Think about this…if you are taking classes for a certain major and realize you don’t like any of the classes…why are you taking them? ….are you just taking them for a stable future career? …..is that what your parents want? …..what is it that you are passionate about?

I love my major! This semester my favorite class is Computer Graphics because I get to use my love for art and graphic design to create art. Every assignment I get is another step towards growing in my abilities as a designer. I love it! I love being creative and being able to express myself in a visual way. I also like challenging myself to go beyond what everyone else is doing and design work that people will notice. I can’t wait to take more of these classes! 🙂

What classes do you love?