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ONCE upon a time, there was a lonely witch and her nameless dog whom were outcasted by their little town in Italy because she practiced black magic. What they didn’t know was that the witch was trying to find a cure for a the horrible plague that was being brought on that quaint little town using the pumpkins from her garden.

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One night, the witch, Miss Bella Amelia Strega, brewed up some mystical potion and poured it onto the strongest, most handsome pumpkin from her patch. As the magic set in, Bella was pleasantly surprised to see that her experiment transformed the pumpkin into a tall, dark, and oddly attractive young man. He was clueless to the world but the woman was happy to have company with a being that could actually converse with her, so decided she would take care of him and help him grow and learn more about the world. She named him Zucca.
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Things happened and one night the two were married. They had two children, first a boy they dubbed Zona and then second a girl they delightfully titled Verdura.
Font Monster Family
Font Monster Family MYH
The dog was still nameless by around this time. Bella, being allergic to cats, loved this dog so much because he was a gift from her parents when she was young and constantly thought to herself that he deserved a noble name because he was her first true companion. Verdura, upon hearing this story, was at the age where she liked to add ‘O’ to everything she said and happened to be eating delicious spaghetti as she petted her dog. The canine got so hungry from having sat there and smelt the food for so long that he reached out and snapped at a bite, making Verdura cry out: “My spaghetti-O!” and from then on associate the dog to her somewhat made up word because of the incident.
Font Monster Family MYH
Their son, Zona, had a great passion for pasta making and took the title “Spaghetti-O” and attached it to a dish he created where the pasta noodles turned out like little O’s. The dish was thought of as so impressive amongst the family that Bella insisted they brave the town and have people try it. The people, skeptical at first, ended up giving in and found that they liked the meal so much that they allowed the Strega family to return to the town and open a restaurant. Spaghetti-O the dish became so famous that Italy started canning it and shipping it over to other countries with a simplified version of their dog as the mascot.
Bella found a cure for the plague in her town and sold the antidote for a large sum. The entire Strega family benefited from this profit and the restaurant profit and was able to live happily ever after.
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