Designs of the Future

I love how design can be so innovative. People come up with new ideas everyday. The possibilities are always endless. It’s so interesting how you can give a group of people all the same materials and assignment and all of them create a different and unique design. While “stumbling”, I found this site showing students ideas for the future. They were asked  to predict how people will prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes, etc.


Great ads. On-demand. In your pocket.

1302040240An App Full of Ads: You can now download an app provided by Apple that allows you to view all the iAds in one place. The app is called iAd Gallery and so far only runs natively on the iPhone. The iAd Gallery is a celebration of advertising, featuring iAd campaigns from some of the world’s best brands and their advertising agencies. The iAd Gallery gives you easy access to a selection of the fun and informative ads that have run in some of your favorite apps. Use the Browse feature to discover ads you haven’t seen, or to find those you want to see again.