The One One Six — 08/29/2011

The 411 for the one one six this week:
  • Junior and Senior level students have started  work for a brand new client.
  • Our Portfolio and Resume class is looking for well designed portfolios and resumes. If you have links or ideas, please leave your comments.
  • Mandatory attendance of ALL Graphic Design majors is expected for the first departmental meeting on Wednesday, August 31 at 4:00pm, Bitsy Irby 116.
  • Anyone still needing contact information for software licensing, please email Kris (
  • The department of Graphic Design is still seeking a full time professor. Please check out the job listing here:

Yep, She is one of Ours! :-)

Check out what one of the clients of our very own Emily Mabry are saying about her…...

Emily is a Senior in our program who already has her own business called:

Sparrow Ink Design

Sparrow Ink Design

Sparrow Ink Design

Sorry for the poor scan Emily, but her cards look really great (when they are not scanned), check out her site!

Capital Gains @ Belhaven

Once again the Belhaven Campus was set upon by many Graphic Design students and professionals from all around the State in order that they could attend the Capital Gains conference hosted by Karen Johnson & the AAF – Jackson

This one-day event is a unique opportunity to have working Professionals critique & review student’s portfolios as well as give presentations on current trends & topics facing working Graphic Designers today.

We were honoured to host the event and  hope everyone who came left enlightened and encouraged.

State of Design Education

I was recently made aware of this article which talks about the state of Design education.

What do you think of this article and the state of Design Education?

Special Guest — Heidi Flynn Barnett

I wanted to say  Thank you to a Heidi Flynn Barnett of Flynn Design.  Heidi was kind enough to come over and talk to our students about being a free lance Graphic Design and some of the joys & pit falls of working for oneself.

Flynn Design

Flynn Design

So go check out her stuff online!

Thanks again Heidi, we all enjoyed seeing and hearing about your journey.