Helpful Hints for Creating Print Portfolios

The end of the semester is quickly approaching and we are preparing to have our Portfolio Presentation on Saturday, Dec. 3.  In preparation for  this I wanted to share a link with some helpful information regarding developing a print portfolio.


7 Tips For Creating a Print-Based Design Portfolio


Places to Find Portfolio Books

Here are a few resources when searching for the a portfolio book to show off your work. 🙂

1.  Jerry’s Artarama



2.  Portfolios and Art Cases



3.  Paolo Cardelli


Not an exhaustive list by any means but a starting place to go investigate and hopefully begin your journey.



Font Monster Family – DSS

A Font Monster Family that maybe should not be out in the sun to long 🙂


Classical vampire father.


Vampire bride, inspired by Rosalind Russell.


Vampire prodigal son, cursed with perpetual invisibility.


Coquettish vampire ghost-daughter. Often brags that she has died twice.


The loyal raven.


Font Family Portrait