— the importance of graphic design gets lived out every day

There may be no more important way to reach the world for Christ than through images.  As Christians our words matter a little, our actions matter most, but it is the images of communication that grip people if they are to consider ideas outside their familiar turf.  In this age, graphic design may be one of the most important evangelism and discipleship tools available to us.

It is contrite to repeat the old saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words” – today, the right picture, with the right headline, presented in the right way speaks volumes.  And to me the importance of graphic design gets lived out every day:

  • I just published a book, and we spent more time getting the cover right than I did writing chapters, because if entirety of the book’s message doesn’t come across on the cover, the book will never be opened.

  • When we print our magazine for Belhaven, I spend as much time working with out team about the graphics as I do about the words.  I know the recipients of our magazine may or may not read the story, but I know they will all see the graphics.

  • When I write even a simple email to the campus, I know that how it is laid out will determine how well it is read.  The words don’t change, but the presentation can make the words be heard rather than lost.

I hope our students will become the best – for business, graphic design firms, and ministry organizations. And I hope they will be people with a calling from God to not be satisfied with just showing us razzle-dazzle of creative designs.  Whether selling a product, shaping an idea, or sharing a ministry focus I pray we will have graduates who “serve rather than be served” – which means in graphic design that the goal must be to meet the needs of those to whom you are communicating, not just boost the designer’s ego so they are able to win awards.

I’m thrilled we’ve started this graphic design major. With the thousands of images that come at us every day, and the short attention span of people, it is the graphic designers who have more opportunity to set the cultural agenda for the world.  The good ones will be heard.

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  1. I think that sums up everything I have ever thought about design in life. Thanks so much for being a part of our blog.

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