What’s Anticipated for Year Two

As I am nearing the end of my first year at Belhaven, I am eagerly looking forward to my sophomore year. With all of my general education classes finished this semester, I will be able to take more art and graphic design classes.( SO much more interesting!) I will only have two worldview classes which will make my schedule much more enjoyable! It may be a little overwhelming with the workload, but it is easier for me to work on multiple projects at one time without having to worry about studying for Physics or New Testament. I came in to freshman year with almost twenty credits, so that has helped free up my schedule for lots more electives. I will continue to feed my love for dance by enjoying another dance class next semester and possibly getting involved with dance ministry. If I even have time to do all that is another matter… I am also anticipating having an international roommate! I am a little nervous, but I think it could be a really great way to reach out to another person, especially someone new to America! It may be a little challenging, but I hope that it will help the both of us to grow and hopefully result in a great friendship. This next year will have it’s own ups and downs, but I think it will be another great year to follow my first at Belhaven.

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