Where in the world is Gigi Turner

Wow what a summer.

Life has a funny way of working doesn’t it? And there comes a time when you just give in to a greater purpose and plug along.

Many of you have wondered what I’ve been up to and why I am not teaching this semester, and I must say that it has been a lot.

Upon the end of last semester I was incredibly proud of the students I had taught and felt the amazing energy that the department contained. I had found another area of graphic design I was passionate about. Don’t fear, I have other great ideas for future projects and semesters, but for now, that will have to wait.

This is my summary of my own events and where I am presently.

I have been working directly with Mississippi Public Broadcasting this summer and am enjoying yet another expansion to my portfolio. It is more of a back-to-the-grind pace, but just as we have discussed in my classes, I am having to call upon my skill for organizing many facets of projects, some quick design problem-solving as well as concepting of many projects for various arms of the agency. This all is very gratifying.

I was anticipating teaching the upper level classes this semester but by time limitation I am not. Maybe my blog posts can lend you some interesting feedback and inspiration.

For MPB this summer alone I have created several logos, Art directed a new television show pilot episode (including dressing the set), designed a web site for a new children’s puppet who promotes healthy eating, along with many different press kits and promotional items for that project alone,  and designed a look for a Regional education summit. MPB also has revamped their mission which in turn created a project for a Large corporate display unit that was taken offsite for an event on the coast.  whew!

No wonder I’m sweating.   Wait… I think that’s the 110+ heat index we’ve been living with also.

Now what does this all mean? That I am an abundance of wound up energy? Maybe… but right now it means I am feeling Blessed. Blessed to put the bread on the table while providing other things for my family, and Blessed to be getting all these creative juices flowing again.

Its also amazing how when you are creative in one part of your life you can continue to thrive in others. My personal design business is doing well also. Opportunity knocks and sometimes you have to welcome it for reasons other than your own personal selfishness. Did I want to go back to the grind and not teach at BU? Uh, No. But One thing is for sure, those of you who know me know that my opinion of being complacent is not so good.

I am not and neither should you be. Work hard, and good things will happen, This field is amazing, constantly recreating itself in new ways for each of us. Now check out this logo I created for a radio show at MPB. Most of this is hand drawn.


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