Why in the world do we thumbnail? And why it is not related to your manicure…

Small scale rough sketches of a design concept. They are among the first stages of the cre­ative process. Before thumb nails, design ers often col lect a design or cre ative brief, do research and/or word asso ci a tions and some times wire frames as a sep a rate step. Thumb nail ing is a process that design ers use to quickly illus trate ideas for a design. The longer a designer spends in the thumb nail stage, the more detail that is put into these sketches, the faster the next stage,comps, goes. Thumb nails are to design what an out line is to writ ing a paper.

OK, so now you know what it is and why I require it.  So when we ask for thumbnails, be prepared with MANY… G.Turner

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