Interview with Anna Rebmann

This is an interview with Anna Rebmann. She won first place in the 2012 Southern Literary Festival for her one-act play.  Her play, Opening the Past, was produced for and premiered at the 6th Annual One Act Play Festival this past fall at Belhaven’s Center for Arts.

Rebmann is a senior from Gettysburg, PA and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre.


What is your play about?

“The story is about two strangers who don’t know about each other.  The setting takes place in a college library. The story is about them realizing  they have a deep connection at this moment they can’t explore.”


What it the overall theme of the play you wrote?

“The importance of listening.”


How did you feel when you heard you won the award?

“I honestly felt kind of scared, but it didn’t really sink in till later because I was in the middle of working on two other plays.  When I started to realize what it meant, I got very excited and really didn’t expect such a great award.”


What was the writing process like for you as you were writing your play?

“The writing process involved feedback from both the creative writing and theatre departments.  I am so thankful to the professors in both departments who went to the extra trouble to be available to me and other students who work on projects like this one and give feedback.”


Will you be attending the Southern Literary Festival and what are you looking forward to the most?

“Yes and I get to meet my personal favorite playwright Tina Howe.”


What do you plan on doing after you graduate from Belhaven?

“I want to work for a theatre company because I am primarily an actor so I want to be a resident actor in an acting company.  I am open to going any place that would be an awesome opportunity to go exploring. I am continually more open to the world around us. “


How has Belhaven University prepared you for life after college?

“BU has really prepared me to go out into the world and as a Christian, think through the application of my faith and how it applies to me as a professional.  The Christian atmosphere and the community are amazing. The resources for learning and growing are definitely here, but with any art, what you put into it, is what you get out of it.  It’s like here are the opportunities for you to learn if you commit to doing it.  Belhaven helps guide us in our progression toward being artists.”


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