Fitzhugh Hall Demolition

It was a bittersweet moment when Fitzhugh Hall’s east wing came down last Friday, June 29.  A crowd of spectators made up of alumni, staff, faculty and news stations gathered to watch and record the demolition.

Wall braces were put on the south wall so it would not collapse during the demolition.

The demolition crew started at the east side and worked their way in towards the west.  They methodically and carefully brought down sections of the 100 year old building.

Crews are currently working to complete the demolition process. After all of the debris is cleared out and the swimming pool under Fitzhugh is removed, the work on the foundation can begin.

Fitzhugh’s west wing still stands by itself, untouched and intact.

This new chapter of Belhaven’s history will see the rebuilding of Fitzhugh Hall’s east wing with the addition of new facilities for science.  It will be a place to prepare and educate coming generations of Christian men and women to lead in science and glorify Christ.

Here is a video of the demolition.

Here is a report from WLBT about the Fitzhugh Hall demolition. – Jackson, MS

This is a report about Fitzhugh from WAPT.

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